Shark Hunting and Commercial Fishing

Sharks come in all sizes and they are very fascinating creatures that live in waters all over the world. However, many of them have been hunted in large numbers over the years.

In many areas it is legal to hunt sharks and in some others the practice continues even though it is against the law. The thrill of hunting very large sharks is one that many people don’t want to miss out on. In fact, there are expeditions with guides that can lead people right to them for the right price.
Fishing or Fearing

One of the leading reasons for shark hunting has been to destroy them. There is no love lost between these creatures and man in many areas. Where commercial fishing is a huge industry, sharks are believed to be an entity that prevent the money being made like it should. The logic is that if they destroy the sharks that consume the fish they want to capture and sell commercially then they will get more of it in their nets.

Commercial fishing of sharks.

Many people are afraid of sharks too so they feel by killing them they make the water safer for everyone in them. Even though evidence shows otherwise, there are still many that believe sharks are man eating killing machines. They certainly don’t want to share the water that the swim or go boating in with these animals.
The Killing Soup

Sharks are hunted for their fins too. In fact, making fin soup is a very common food in some parts of the world, like China. Extremely large sharks are often killed only to get their fins removed. The rest of the body is left to rot on the land or it is put back in the water for other creatures to feed upon.

The consumption of shark meat is common in some areas as well. They will hunt sharks and use their entire bodies. The meat is used for food and the fat for oil. They even use the skin to make sandpaper and various types of tools. All of these problems combined though have lead to an upset in the world of sharks. We have to remember that they are a vital part of the food chain.

Conservation Efforts to Deter Hunting

Due to conservation efforts, some species of sharks are now protected. This means individuals found to injure or kill them intentionally can be fined or they can go to jail. Yet there just doesn’t seem to be enough man power out there to strongly enforce some laws.

In some parts of the world there are limits to the number of sharks that can be killed annually. However, certain types of sharks are more likely to be hunted than others. For those that wish to hunt them for a thrill, the larger ones and the more aggressive ones are what they seek out. Those often used for food reside in regions where their other choices for meat are likely to be scarce. In other areas, the types of sharks killed depend on the types of commercial hunting that take place there as well.

With the advances in technology, it is easier to kill sharks than in the past. The early people had to do so with nets and with spears. Now there are electronic devices, fast moving boats, and people can use special equipment to dive into the water to find the sharks they wish to hunt. Such events though can have a serious effect on the aquatic world if we aren’t careful. This is why you should definitely report any acts of shark hunting that you may be aware of to the proper authorities.