Sharks and Global Warming

Sharks and Global Warming

Sharks and Climate Change

Global warming has made it difficult for sharks to continue living their peaceful existence. It has also increased the tensions among them and humans. As the temperatures of the water increase, the sharks may move into new locations where they will be more comfortable. This means they can be in areas where people are fishing, boating, and swimming. Sharks have been able to evolve for millions of years. Yet they never had to deal with humans on such a large scale before in order to do so either.

Sharks also have to move in order to find plenty of food. Due to global warming many of their food sources may be in short supply. As a result they have to travel further and further to find what they are looking for. You will find more sharks in the swimming areas of California and Florida than ever before due to these changes. The sharks aren’t out to get humans as many fear though. Instead they are merely doing what they instinctively know in order to survive.

Along with global warming more people are enjoying the warmer temperatures. They definitely want to spend time outdoors and in the water when it is very warm outside. This means more people continue to invade the space that was once home to only the sharks. People take over these areas in large numbers, but then want to complain that sharks are attacking. The entire picture here doesn’t reflect what is really going on.

For example those sharks that live in the colder areas of Alaska find it harder to survive due to global warming. Their food sources aren’t dealing well with the warmer temperatures. They also aren’t taking part in reproduction efforts like before. Many researchers believe that their internal instincts are confused by the warmer temperatures. It also creates stress which means they aren’t as likely to mate.

On the flip side though you have some researchers coming forward to say that global warming could be the light for endangered species of sharks. One in particular is the Gray Nurse Shark. This is possible because the warmer temperatures in the waters along Australia can allow them to finally move through the Bass Strait. This is an area that they haven’t explored before due to the cold temperatures.

While it was once though that all of this species of shark would be gone by 2050, there is now new hope that they will be able to survive due to global warming. The warmer temperatures in the water can help them to find a new habitat where there is plenty of food for them to thrive again.

Of course there seems to be more damage to sharks based upon global warming that stories like these that may help them. This is why all humans need to take action to reduce global warming. The various creatures in the water as well as those on land depend on us to do so. Since humans are the cause of global warming we need to turn to alternatives to get the benefits we want. At the same time though we need to stop putting sharks and other animals at risk.

The entire food chain can be upset and that can create chaos. Sharks are at the top of the food chain in the water, but that doesn’t mean they can survive without those on the lower ends of it. Each of us has the ability to reduce global warming and the effects it has on sharks. The question though is if you are willing to make changes today to help all living creatures or not.