Sharks Endangered and Conservation

Many types of sharks are at risk of becoming extinct which is why conservation efforts are in place.
Extreme hunting of them to protect the waters, to have more fish alive that could be used for commercial fishing catches, and for food sources have greatly depleted the number of them out there.

Sharks and humans don’t have a good relationship, but through the compassion of some humans they may have a chance to survive.
Endangered Species

The first species of shark to be recognized as being in danger was the Gray Nurse Shark. However, even though they have been protected for more than two decades, less than 1,000 of them remain today.

Keeping pollution and human food items out of the waters is very important. Many of them die from swallowing things that aren’t good for them. Since sharks are curious by nature, they won’t think twice about swallowing what they find out there.

Misinformation, the Great Challenge

Even with some wonderful acts of conservation out there, sharks are still in danger. Too many people still see them as the evil creature lurking in the waters. Therefore they don’t see any real reason to protect them. One of the main goals though of many of these organizations is to get the correct information out there about sharks. That way more people will see them for what they really are instead of what the media and even movies have portrayed them to be.

The conservation efforts in place right now generally focus on protecting the natural environments of sharks. Humans have taken over many of these areas which is why shark attacks happen. The fact that pollution and commercial fishing makes it extremely hard for many species to find enough food is another reason why they continue to move to regions they once didn’t inhabit.

Some efforts include changing the types of nets that are used for commercial fishing. That way sharks don’t accidentally get injured or killed in them. Other efforts include having zones where boats and swimmers can’t go in the water. That way the sharks are free to explore and people don’t have to worry about being attacked.

Conservation Efforts

There are many types of shark conservation groups you can be a part of. Going to their websites can teach you about how to fight for these creatures. You can chose to donate time or money to help their efforts. By evaluating the goals and objectives of such groups you can choose the ones to promote that you firmly believe in the efforts of.

Many of them work to get countries to make tougher laws when it comes to the killing of sharks too. For example they want to ban the consumption of shark meat or the use of the fins to make soup. Without a market to sell such items to, the number of sharks being killed can be reduced.

There are also thousands of them killed annually just for the thrill of their hunt of them. Preventing such events from occurring is another way in which these conservation groups strive to help these creatures to survive. With them having a very low amount of offspring that survive, plenty more has to be done if the numbers of those sharks in danger are going to increase enough to help them survive the next 100 years or longer.

It is estimated that approximately 270,000 sharks are killed around the world each day for no good reason. That is alarming to many people that didn’t realize that there was such a huge problem with it. Opening up the eyes of the public though to the severity of the problem is a huge step forward for conservation efforts.