Shark attacks are not as frequent as everybody thinks. During 2004 only 61 confirmed unprovoked attacks to humans worldwide were confirmed.

If attacked, avoid excessive splashing and leave the water immediately calmly as soon as you see a shark.

Do not harass or provoke the shark in any way as they will strike back.
If bitten, you will probably feel something like a brush against you. Several shark victims do not feel any pain when snapped.

Leave the water and check for injuries. Do not stay in the water, especially if you are bleeding.

If you are diving and a shark approaches you, stay as still as possible and drop any dead fish that you carry and that could be attracting sharks.

If an attack is imminent, aim shark eyes as they are the weakest point in shark’s body. The gill rakers are also a vulnerable area as well as the snout.

Playing dead, does not work with sharks, if bitten defend yourself as aggressive as you can.

Finally, if bleeding, try to stop blood while leaving the water.



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